Take a close look at the countertops below. Can you guess what each counter's material?

They are all the same material, epoxy. 

When it comes to countertops, granite has been king for a long time, but homeowners are exploring more options. In recent years, quartz, concrete, glass, solid surface, and now, epoxy have become more popular with homeowners who want to create a unique space. These newer materials give them that customization and more options for a fully unique kitchen bathroom.

You may have seen the popular penny countertops or floors that have become a sensation on the internet, those were made with epoxy. There are also the wood tables with what appears to be a neon blue river down the middle, those are also epoxy. It's a versatile material that can imitate traditional stone and solid surface material, or create new modern and sometimes otherworldly looks.  

I recently worked with a client, Jason Campbell, who owns his own epoxy countertop company, Konstruct. His company creates custom epoxy countertops, epoxy countertop resurfacing, and groutless shower panels with unique patterns and colors. Konstruct’s countertops can withstand up to 400 degrees of heat, food safe, and are as resistant to scratches as traditional countertops. If a scratch does occur, they can be more easily repaired than other countertop materials. Unlike many other countertop materials, these do not need yearly sealing. 

Jason Campbell has a long history in the construction industry. He started as a trainee at the age of 16 in a wood mill nestled in a small town in England. He attended a technical trade school and achieved his advanced craft certification from The City & Guilds of London and The Institute of Carpenters.

Leaving England and moving to the US in 1996 he began with a company Called Genesis Stone and Masonry where he honed his skills further and learned the art of Stone Masonry and was awarded the Washington Congress award for building excellence.

He is always learning and growing his skills and creativity and after branching out on his own into the world of remodeling, and several years as a superintendent for commercial construction and other supervisory roles for companies, he has come back around to the creative side and started Konstruct LLC.

Konstruct is a company based around the wonderful creativity available from using Epoxy Resins. The last few years have seen huge leaps in the epoxy compositions and opened up an amazing amount of design possibilities. Jason traveled to Oregon to train with the epoxy manufacturer of the brand he uses and learned the art of epoxy. Using different techniques he is able to create beautiful, stone-like movements and exquisite finishes that look like natural materials and not fake like so many other products out there. The possibilities are endless!