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Situated south of downtown Birmingham and just over Red Mountain, Homewood has its own local feel with the convenience of the city. It is central to hospitals, interstates and local universities notably UAB and Samford. This is just one of the reasons Homewood’s home values have maintained their stability in tough times and continues to grow. In addition to Homewood’s central location, it also is one of the most charming, walkable cities in the Birmingham metro. Families are also drawn to the impressive Homewood city school system. This attribute has continued to be enhanced as the city has grown by careful design over recent years.

Homewood effortlessly blends the old and new, and more recent additions are just as appealing as the charm of the historic districts. SoHo is one of the newest developments in downtown Homewood that combines the seat of city government and city planning offices with upscale lofts, charming local restaurants like Jackson’s Bar & Bistro and shops like Soho Sweets. Throughout the summer SoHo is home to a local farmer’s market, sponsored by Urban Cookhouse restaurant, offering an array of fresh fruits, vegetables and goods from local farmers and vendors.

Edgewood is another charming area of the city featuring a stretch of unique shops, Homewood Central Park and dining options. Here you can enjoy the delicious southern food of Saw’s BBQ or stop in at Edgewood Creamery on a hot day for a scoop. The popular neighborhood of Hollywood is primarily a historic district, annexed into Homewood in 1929.

You will find many Spanish Reviaval architectural style homes inspired by the glamour of Hollywood, CA and English Tudor style prevalent popular in Birmingham at the time. Many of the homes border Mountain Brook Village and is convenient to Brookwood Mall featuring great shopping and unique restaurants. Community is at the heart of Homewood. Parks, restaurants and shopping are plentiful.

City leaders have invested heavily in expanding the trail system. Runners and cyclists frequent the Shades Creek Greenway along Lakeshore Parkway year-round. Residents enjoy annual events like the Christmas parade and We Love Homewood day, when they come together to celebrate their city. Other dining options range from casual coffee shops and family-owned delicatessens to swanky eateries. Grab a latte at O’Henry’s, taste something exotic at the Red Pearl Restaurant in West Homewood or enjoy a romantic evening at Gianmarco’s, where Italian cooking meets Southern hospitality. 

Homewood Schools

Home of the Patriots

Homewood High School is known of their sense of community and for encouraging students to be well rounded in extracurricular activities as well as academics. Their nationally ranked band contacts approximately a 1/3 of the student body and any given night you can watch cheerleaders do their routine and the grab their band uniforms to change to perform in the half time show with the Band. The high school athletic teams boasted four state champion teams, three state runner-up teams, and several playoff appearances during the 2015-2016 school year. For the seventh year in a row, Newsweek named Homewood as one of “America’s Best High Schools” and The Washington Post named HHS as one of the “top ranking schools that prepare students for college. Homewood High School offers 20 AP classes and 8 Pre-AP classes. Enrollment is around 1,100 and the student teacher ratio is 20:1. There is no bus system but many students are able to walk to schools in this sidewalk filled neighborhood.

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