There are a million reasons you may be putting off buying a home. This year should be the year that you finally take that jump. 

Should I Wait Until Next Year to Buy? Or Buy Now?

Per the Aspiring Home Buyer’s Profile. 80% of renters do not believe that home ownership is a not part of their future while 82% of those renters want to be homeowners one day. The 56% who believe that they cannot afford a home often are unaware of the programs out there today that are specifically created to help millennials purchase their first homes

Should I Wait Until Next Year to Buy? Or Buy Now? 

Rent is increasing in Birmingham as the city revitalization rolls along and this leaves millennials the position of having to finally make a decision instead of waiting until a major life event. 32% are putting off home buying until they have children or get married while only 30% are waiting for a better financial situation.

According to Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, “Housing demand in 2018 will be fueled by more millennials finally deciding to marry and have kids and the expectations that solid job growth and the strengthening economy will push incomes higher.”

Before you spend too much of 2018 coming up with excuses not to sell your home, take a look at how that could cost you in the long run.

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Should I Wait Until Next Year to Buy? Or Buy Now?

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